Content Writing, Internet Activism

Content Activism: What is it?

Model hiding behind laptop

Both internet activism and content marketing have been around for a long time, existing as two separate concepts. But the one thing they have in common is the internet itself, used as a medium for positively influencing the public opinion with a call to action. In fact, they could be a potent tool when used together. Enter, content activism!

While I’m not really inventing anything new here, I think the term “content activism” is perfect for the topic I’m so interested in and want to write about on this site. That means we’ll be discussing:

  • How text can be used to inspire action
  • What works in content marketing and what doesn’t
  • Related aspects of internet activism
  • How internet activism and content marketing are connected

Whether you’re an activist, writer or both, stay tuned for more! I hope to deliver plenty of useful information and create an active dialogue – feel free to leave a comment, and we’ll talk about it.